Solid Wood Inlaid Edge Dining Table

A cool looking small coffee river table with extravagant design composed of metal, wood and epoxy resin. This is a made to order furniture. Size and each detail are negotiable according to your individual preferences.
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Product Details

Product Description

Model No.MTK-WIT26
Material Walnut + Epoxy Resin

Square Shape


The shaped of table leg are free to chose as you like.

The price of the tables are depend on the table size


The table is a series of intricate designs and handmade tables.A river of turquoise glass is embedded throughout each piece of wood.The wood's naturally uneven edges and their vivid textures provide the perfect "bank", which are modeled after the river.

Keep originally originally "ugly" nodule and grain, the disused wood after processing, present a kind of unique aesthetic feeling, log originally dull style becomes live wave cheerful.

Your table can be custom ordered to fulfill  your aesthetic and practical desires.This Walnut slab will make an elegant small dining table or desk.


1.Can cure at room temperature or heating curing,

2.Can automatic antifoaming

3.Can automatic leveling

4.Cured without ripples, no bubbles

5.Good transparency and excellent surface gloss

221A4777 副本





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