2D Peel And Stick Wood Planks

Nowadays, everyone has very high requirements for the environmental protection of living rooms. Formaldehyde is inevitable in traditional materials. The solid wood wallboard is very natural and environmentally friendly. It is made of natural and environmentally friendly wood materials and is tasteless when installed. The solid Peel and stick wood planks solves the problems of decoration material time and paint smell volatility.
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Peel and stick wood planks

  Rooms are a haven for people to rest when they are tired, so everyone wants to decorate them beautifully and comfortably. The solid wood wallboard just meets this demand of people. The board of the solid wood wallboard is a bad conductor. The room with he solid Peel and stick wood planks will be warm in winter and cool in summer. he solid Peel and stick wood planks has a strong absorption of ultraviolet and radiation, and wood materials can scatter light, which has a significant effect on reducing eye fatigue and damage.


Product Features

1.The hustle and bustle of urban life, people are often troubled by noise, and the number of insomnia is increasing. If you have similar troubles, you may choose solid wood wallboard when decorating. It has perfect diffuse reflection on the sound, effectively buffers the impact of the heavy bass, and the material itself absorbs the bad sharp waves of the sound well, thus forming a perfect space Three levels of noise reduction function, greatly improve the quality of sleep in one third of life.

2.In the spring, there is too much moisture in the air, and in the winter, the air is too dry. These seasonal problems affect people's quality of life. If you choose solid wood wall panels for decoration, these problems can be solved easily. The solid wood wallboard has the function of dehumidifying and preventing moisture and regulating the air. This is because wood can adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing, which will relieve your fatigue. After testing by authoritative organizations, people who live in a room with wooden wainscots for a long time will be more than 50% less likely to suffer from rheumatism than rooms without wainscots.

3.Although traditional wall materials have many advantages, their defects are also obvious. As far as the tile wall is concerned, it gives a very cold feeling; while the wallpaper wall is beautiful, but its service life is not long. The solid wood wallboard solves the wall decoration problem very well. It not only has the advantages of traditional wall decoration materials, but also tailor-made wooden wall panels can not only be designed and customized according to the size of the site, but also can achieve The overall interior decoration style is unified, coupled with artistic design and exquisite manufacturing technology, you can create a unique home space that reflects the taste.

Choice & Customization

We provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose, and all products support customization, you will have the perfect solution.


Our Factory

Hangzhou Meant has created a wide variety of new designs to meet clients' requests, including the usage of different materials, and the large investment for R&D annually. Armed withproduct innovation, superior craftsmanship, high quality, competitive price in the market, as well asprompt delivery and considerate customer support, Meant is becoming a pioneer in the industry.

Choose Meant,you deserve better!



Meant always challenges the limits and goes beyond ourselves. Our products have FSC;be in compliance with the CARB requirement;meets all of the necessary qualifications of Indoor air quality certified ect.All tests have been approved by third part test Lab.

We have also passedfactory audits successfully by international third party with strict regulations, like SGS,TUV and ITS.


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