Peel And Stick Wood Wall Plank

peel and stick wood wall plank is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years. Generally, wood is used as the base material. peel and stick wood wall plank is a kind of siding for interior walls of a house. It consists of upper and lower horizontal frames, vertical frames, core plates and corner frames.
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peel and stick wood wall plank

  The peel and stick wood wall plank has the advantages of convenient and fast installation, time saving, labor saving, good interchangeability, can be disassembled and used repeatedly, no deformation and long life. Today, wainscoting panels have been widely used in villas, hotels, high-end homes, and people seeking taste.


Product Style

1. Chinese style: It has the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance, deep and distant, elegant and beautiful. The space is exquisitely layered, and the combination of reality and reality is used. Traditional Chinese symbols are often used in modeling: huizi, zizi, carved zizi, etc., and then embellished with calligraphy, antiques, scrolls, and strong flavor of books. Unique, wash the soul and make people return.

2. European style: The origin of the wall panel, its distinguished and elegant European luxury style, exudes a unique charming temperament, giving people a sense of luxury, atmosphere, luxury, often with gorgeous decoration, strong colors, exquisite The shape achieves the elegant and luxurious decoration effect.

3. American style: American style can be used as a European style, but it is often separated independently, which is enough to reflect its uniqueness. The color is heavier and the volume is larger, and the darker coffee and oak color are usually the main color. The American-style wainscoting panel mainly highlights its simple shape, simple and smooth lines, and natural generosity. It is decorated with carved ornaments that are simple but not monotonous, giving people a sense of comfort, naturalness and freedom.

4. French style: It often reflects a magnificent, luxurious and comfortable feeling. The typical method is to use light, white, off-white as the base color, and then use gold trim and carved flowers. It is dazzling, highlighting its sense of gorgeousness, richness and brilliance, giving people a fantasy color that enters the noble life circle.

5. Mediterranean style: white and blue are its main colors. These are the most pristine elements from nature. They are fresh and bright, and full of sunshine. In terms of style, generally choose smooth

6. Neo-classical style: The neo-classical wainscoting panel mainly highlights the combination of its tradition and modernity, which brings us both the long tradition and the modern romance. Let us enjoy the wonderful process from simple to complex, from simple to complex, and appreciate the connotation of elegance and nobility, peace and richness.

7. Simple style: simple shape, perfect details, smooth atmosphere, achieve the effect of winning more with less and winning more with simplicity. Especially loved by young people.

Choice & Customization

We provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose, and all products support customization, you will have the perfect solution.


Our Factory

Hangzhou Meant has created a wide variety of new designs to meet clients' requests, including the usage of different materials, and the large investment for R&D annually. Armed withproduct innovation, superior craftsmanship, high quality, competitive price in the market, as well asprompt delivery and considerate customer support, Meant is becoming a pioneer in the industry.

Choose Meant,you deserve better!



Meant always challenges the limits and goes beyond ourselves. Our products have FSC;be in compliance with the CARB requirement;meets all of the necessary qualifications of Indoor air quality certified ect.All tests have been approved by third part test Lab.

We have also passedfactory audits successfully by international third party with strict regulations, like SGS,TUV and ITS.


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