Real Wood Paneling

Our real wood paneling bring definition to your home interior. Our handmade wall panels can be made in a variety of contours to match other woodwork and doors in your home. We can match the width and height of the steps and railings of the wall panels to align with the current woodwork and doors in your home. The choice of panels ranges from flat to raised, and can also be beaded or V-shaped grooves
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Product Details

Product Description


The real wood paneling are made of 100% furniture grade solid wood and built to the exact size you need. These wall panels are often used to trim walls around deep windows and deep door frames or passageways into the room. Wallboards can also be used outdoors to complete deep openings. The size and height of the panels and rails in these wallboards can be easily customized to align with windows, doors or other important wood products used in the project.


Product Features

1. Real wood wall panel, unique natural feeling and reasonable price.

2. Easy and fast installation.

3. Health and environmental protection.

4. Protect from UV and radiation.

5. Abrasion and impact resistance.

6. Reduce noise and promote sleep quality.

7. Air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Choice & Customization

We provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose, all products can be customized according to your needs, you will get a more perfect decoration solution.



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