Rustic Wood Paneling For Wall

The rustic wood paneling for wall can be installed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally according to personal preference. Generally, vertical installation is recommended because the light entering the room from the window is horizontal. The light and dark sides of the vertical installation will be more obvious and more prominent. Three-dimensional effect, and vertical installation can reduce dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning. This series of products adopt the socket design, and the sockets of different varieties of the same series of products are universal design, which means that different styles of products can be installed and used with each other, which provides greater imagination for the designer's personalized design. . Because it is a socket type design, you only need to insert a needle at the socket position during installation, and then insert it to cover the nail holes and eliminate the need for ash replenishment steps. In addition, the processing method can be sawed, nailed, and planed. It can be installed and used immediately without painting. Generally, woodworkers can install it lightly and quickly.
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The rustic wood paneling for wall

   The rustic wood paneling for wall with its beautiful concave-convex three-dimensional geometric decorative effect and wood brings a warm, natural and harmonious affinity to human beings, conquering every buyer who comes into contact with ecological wood for the first time. This series is at the international advanced level in terms of decorative effects, wood texture, ease of installation and processing, as well as water resistance, mildew resistance, flame retardant, anti-aging and environmental protection.

The rustic wood paneling for wall

Product Features

1. Easy and fast installation, DIY installation quickly and easily using nails or glue.

2. High temperature resistance, low gloss transparent protective layer, easy maintenance. All products can be customized according to your requirements.

3. Reduce noise and promote sleep quality. The wall plate produces perfect diffuse reflection of sound, effectively buffers the impact of heavy bass, and the material itself absorbs the bad sharp waves of the sound, thereby forming a perfect three-level noise reduction function in the space, which greatly improves one-third of the time in life. Sleep quality.

4. Warm winter and cool summer. Wood for wall cladding is a bad conductor. The rooms with wall cladding will be warm in winter and cold in summer, and because the wood itself can regulate the air humidity of the room, it has been used in centuries-old castles and palaces in Europe. Wall panels can be seen everywhere and are a must for high-end decoration.

5. Air conditioning. The natural wood structure regulates the moisture in the air. When the water vapor pressure in the air is greater than the wood water vapor pressure, the wood absorbs moisture from the air to absorb moisture. The opposite is desorption. Wood regulates the moisture in the air through its own breathing. Give you physical fatigue.

Choice & Customization

We provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose, and all products support customization, you will have the perfect solution.


Our Factory

Hangzhou Meant has created a wide variety of new designs to meet clients' requests, including the usage of different materials, and the large investment for R&D annually. Armed withproduct innovation, superior craftsmanship, high quality, competitive price in the market, as well asprompt delivery and considerate customer support, Meant is becoming a pioneer in the industry.

Choose Meant,you deserve better!



Meant always challenges the limits and goes beyond ourselves. Our products have FSC;be in compliance with the CARB requirement;meets all of the necessary qualifications of Indoor air quality certified ect.All tests have been approved by third part test Lab.

We have also passedfactory audits successfully by international third party with strict regulations, like SGS,TUV and ITS.


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