Rustic Wood Slat Wall

Rustic wood slat wall is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years, and generally uses wood as the base material. It has the advantages of easy and fast installation, time and labor saving, good interchangeability, can be disassembled and used repeatedly, no deformation, long life and so on.
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Rustic wood slat wall

   Rustic wood slat wall is a kind of siding for the interior wall of a house. It consists of upper and lower horizontal frames, vertical frames, core plates and corner frames. There are gradually decreasing thickness of laces and grooves on the inside of the upper and lower horizontal frames The upper and lower horizontal frames can be plugged into different lengths. The joints are concave and convex. The lateral sides of the vertical frame have the same structure as the inner side of the upper and lower horizontal frames. Structure, the corner frame has grooves on both lateral sides, and the core board is inserted into a frame formed by upper, lower horizontal frames, vertical frames or corner frames.

The rustic wood paneling for wall

Product Features

1.Anti-ultraviolet and anti-radiation

The wainscoting board has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays and radiation, and the wood can scatter light and reduce eye fatigue and damage.

2.Reduce noise and promote sleep quality

The sound insulation of the wainscoting panel has reached 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of most solid walls. The wall board diffusely reflects the sound, effectively buffers the impact of the heavy bass, and the material itself absorbs the bad acoustic sharp waves well, thereby forming a three-level noise reduction function in the space, which greatly improves the sleep quality in one third of life.

3, warm in winter and cool in summer

Wood for wall cladding is a bad conductor. The rooms with wall cladding will be warm in winter and cold in summer, and because the wood itself can regulate the air humidity of the room, it has been used in centuries-old castles and palaces in Europe. Wall panels can be seen everywhere and are a must for high-end decoration. After testing by the state-level department, the insulation efficiency exceeds the existing national standards. The temperature difference between the installation room and the ordinary board installation room is 7 degrees. Compared with paint, the temperature difference is 10 degrees, which achieves significant energy saving effects.

4.Abrasion and impact resistance

The siding has higher compressive strength and flexural strength, and is an upgraded product of latex paint. Abrasion and damage resistance is far better than common paints and wallpapers, and it is more suitable if there are children at home. The TV background, sofa background, dining room background, bedside background and other areas in the home can well protect the wall surface, and can even hang or paste decorative paintings and warm photos.

5. Health and environmental protection

The wood material is natural and environmentally friendly, and it is tasteless to install. The overall decoration of the room will not have the process of painting, which solves the problem of time and material smell of the decoration material. 6. Air conditioning: The natural wood structure regulates the moisture in the air. When the water vapor pressure in the air is greater than the wood water vapor pressure, the wood absorbs moisture from the air to absorb moisture. The opposite is desorption. Wood regulates the moisture in the air through its own breathing. Give you physical fatigue.

7, high-grade, taste

The wainscoting board was first used by European castles and palaces hundreds of years ago. The wainscoting board was more widely used in high-end villas and five-star hotels in the 1990s. First choice for life taste and enjoyment.

Choice & Customization

We provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose, and all products support customization, you will have the perfect solution.


Our Factory

Hangzhou Meant has created a wide variety of new designs to meet clients' requests, including the usage of different materials, and the large investment for R&D annually. Armed withproduct innovation, superior craftsmanship, high quality, competitive price in the market, as well asprompt delivery and considerate customer support, Meant is becoming a pioneer in the industry.

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Meant always challenges the limits and goes beyond ourselves. Our products have FSC;be in compliance with the CARB requirement;meets all of the necessary qualifications of Indoor air quality certified ect.All tests have been approved by third part test Lab.

We have also passedfactory audits successfully by international third party with strict regulations, like SGS,TUV and ITS.


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