Wood Inlaid Live Edge

Wood Inlaid Live Edge

Meant recommends using 3d Rustic wood wall paneling to rebuild and redesign your walls. Natural wood provides a stylish modern interior design. It has natural colors, shapes and textures that provide a modern, environmentally friendly touch to any interior design and decoration. Decorative textured wall panels turn any existing wall into a modern and new stylish design. The back of the panel provides pre-made ridges to prevent shrinkage and expansion due to weather changes, which does not change the overall appearance of the wall. This simple and lightweight recycled wood veneer finish will transform and complete your true personal design on almost any solid surface!
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Product Details

Product Description


3D Rustic Wood Wall Paneling

   The 3d Rustic wood wall paneling can turn any dull wall decoration into a lively focus for a rustic and modern modern wall design.

   Beautifully sturdy structure 100% recycled wood provides natural wood grain elements. Flexible design! Options can be installed to fit your wall decoration design or any solid surface area.

   Simple installation and simple maintenance! Use hardwood cleaner or soft dry brush! Each natural panel has a square finish or interlocking edge design to provide a smooth, seamless look.


Product Features

1.Easy and fast installation, DIY installation quickly and easily using nails or glue.

2. Reasonable price, multiple colors and styles can be selected, all products can be customized according to your requirements.

3. Health and environmental protection. The real wood used is 100% FSC certified. Strict selection of glue and use of water-based coatings to reduce formaldehyde emissions. The wood material is natural and environmentally friendly, and it is tasteless to install.

4. UV and radiation proof. The wood wall paneling has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays and radiation, and the wood can scatter light and reduce eye fatigue and damage.

5. Abrasion and impact resistance. The 3d Rustic wood wall paneling has higher compressive strength and flexural strength, and it is an upgraded product of latex paint. The wear resistance and damage resistance are far better than common coatings and wallpapers.

Packing & Shipping

1.Easy for customer to take product back to home.

2.Prevent product from damaging when workers put goods on the shelf, or when customer bring goods home,loading and unloading goods.


Customized Packing

1. Individal packing for a single sheet. Each sheet is attached to a customized paper cushion with plastic film covering.

2. Product specification can be customized inside the carton.

3. PE foam between adjacent sheets to aviod any damage, customized carton box outside the sheets.


Neutral Packing

1. PE foam between adjacent sheets to aviod any damage.

2. Neutral carton box outside the sheets.

Our Factory

Hangzhou Meant has created a wide variety of new designs to meet clients' requests, including the usage of different materials, and the large investment for R&D annually. Armed withproduct innovation, superior craftsmanship, high quality, competitive price in the market, as well asprompt delivery and considerate customer support, Meant is becoming a pioneer in the industry.

Choose Meant,you deserve better!



Meant always challenges the limits and goes beyond ourselves. Our products have FSC;be in compliance with the CARB requirement;meets all of the necessary qualifications of Indoor air quality certified ect.All tests have been approved by third part test Lab.

We have also passedfactory audits successfully by international third party with strict regulations, like SGS,TUV and ITS.


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